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Best Tile Restoration and Cleaning Services in Toronto

Tiles is one of the most durable floor and wall covering option. Tiles are designed to be used in both residential and commercial areas. Over time, tiles collect  dirt, dust, grease and other types of discolorations which diminish their polish and shine.
TilesRus is a reputable Tile restoration company  in Toronto . We have been successfully restoring Tiles in the residential and commercial areas for a long time. Our trained crew will successfully restore your Tile and Grout to brand new look without replacement.
Inside homes in Toronto, kitchens and washrooms are the two spaces in which are tiles are used. In washrooms these tiles can be found on walls and floors. Also, there are tiled shower stalls. One of the primary concerns of homeowners in Toronto is the presence of build up dirt, grimes,soil, mildew, mold, discolorations and loss of shine. One of main reason mildew occurs on tiles is the constant presence of moisture in enclosed surroundings. Mildew also causes a bad lingering smell. Many homeowners have tried to use various types of scented candles, oils and air fresheners to mask the smell. But unless, you tackle the problem of mildew and moisture the smell will not go away. Many homeowners looking to sell their homes, notice their old tiles dull the whole washroom. As many buyers are hesitant to buy a home if the home has old bathrooms, old and dull could reduce the value of your home. TilesRus will remove all existing dirt, mold stains, embedded discolorations, \ and mildew from tiles. We specialize in removing all types of stains and mildew from your washroom tiles. We also clean tiles to restore the lustre and shine in your existing tiles. We also repair damaged and chipped corners and other parts of tiled walls and floors in your washrooms. Now, you can enjoy your cleaner and fresh washroom for the fraction of cost of renovating the whole washroom.
At TilesRus we use specialized cleaning agents to remove tough and old grease stains from commercial and residential kitchens. Backsplash and the kitchen floors are exposed to a lot of oil splashes and grease. They build up in the nooks and crannies of your kitchen walls and floor over a long period of time. Our cleaning methods are safe to be used indoors. These cleaning agents will clean the toughest stains, restore the shine in your backsplash and you will have a newer kitchen in a short time and for one low cost.
TilesRus also have been repairing, restoring,  cleaning and sealing Tile and Grout in Toronto for various types of businesses . We work around your schedule so you can carry on your business without any disruptions. All our cleaning agents are safe to use in indoor and closed spaces. We specialize in restoration of  commercial kitchens floors, washrooms, hallways and other areas of any type of tiles.
Our competitive rates and excellent services makes us one of the most popular choice among Toronto homeowners and businesses. For free estimates call us.  416-858-9590

Over the years our business thrives not by cheap pricing  but rather on professionalism, quality service, reliability and pride in workmanship. Our Service areas are, but not limited to Toronto, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Burlington, Markham, Hamilton.We guarantee our service . We are bonded, insured and WSIB compliant. Check our Reviews on tilesrus.homestars.com

We Service Toronto and G.T.A : Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, St. Catherine, Guelph, Milton, Vaughan, Halton hills, Caledon, King, Aurora, New Market, Richmond hill, Markham, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Niagara falls.